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Defeating Employee Dis-Engagement

Strategic Conflict Resolution

Transforming Workplace Culture

Ararat teaches your people how to put the corporation's needs above their own, by teaching them to understand that unless they look after the corporation, the corporation can't look after them. Ararat teaches every "body" how to look after the corporate body.

Do Doctors Really "Care" in Healthcare?

In this TED talk, Dr. Orieux shares his expertise in the realm of diagnosing the psychology and social disease whereby employees do not respond to management's directives and instructions, just like many young adults do not respond to doctors' directives and instructions.

Which of the following are challenges for your company's success?

We help corporate bodies create synergy by providing its leaders and their people with training in the psychology and sociology of human dynamics, because when people learn how to overcome unhealthy mindsets, dysfunctional thinking and "me-centered" behavior then the corporate body can't help but thrive and achieve its vision and purpose. Our training empowers leaders with the power to establish harmony and unity of purpose in their people, thereby creating a culture for enhanced performance and prosperity.

Lack of Team Work

Team work problems are endemic to any business with more than a handful of employees. Before we consider how to 'cure' problems with team work, we need to diagnose what causes a lack of team work in the first place.



The big question is whether the problems causing employee disengagement can be solved by external efforts exerted by company rules and regulations, or by internal efforts whereby the individual employees purposely decide to rule over their attitudes and mindsets.


Employee Conflicts

Sometimes your role as a manager feels more like a role as a marriage counsellor. Interpersonal conflict occurs in every corporate environment - there are no exceptions. How do you avoid losing money due to lost productivity from interpersonal and interdepartamental conflict?


Poor Customer Service

Customer retention is a function of customer service. Rersearch shows that it costs 900% more to attract a new customer, than to retain an existing customer. Is the quality of your CSR team's work aligned with your business goals?


Dr. Kevin Orieix

Ararat Consulting guarantees your company will profit from our services.


Ararat takes a scientific approach utilizing a proven medical methodology that enables you to defeat the challenges faced by your company as it relates to the human factor.

When Ararat trains your workforce and they learn how to implement this methodology, then your corporate "body" overcomes unhealthy habits and sub-optimal behavior. This is what "cures" low productivity and profitability.

And the science works.

We guarantee it.