Frequently Asked Questions

How can Ararat help our business and workplace?

Ararat helps corporate bodies create synergy by providing its leaders and their people with training in the psychology and sociology of human dynamics, because when people learn how to overcome unhealthy mindsets, dysfunctional thinking and "me-centered" behavior then the corporate body can't help but thrive and achieve its vision and purpose. Our training empowers leaders with the strategies and management models that will establish harmony and unity of purpose in their hearts, minds and spirits of their people, thereby creating a culture for enhanced performance and prosperity.

How long are Ararat's training programs?

This depends on who we are training – the senior executives, the various levels of management, or the entire corporate workforce. It can take as little as five consecutive days of training for individuals or a management team to understand the sociological principles (and benefits) of working together in synergy, but the training can be compartmentalized over two weekends or even a series of single days organized over a period of several weeks or months, depending on the company's organizational logistics.

How long does it take for a company to benefit from Ararat's training?

The benefits begin immediately on the first Monday after the training ends, then those benefits escalate in tangible ways with every ensuing month. One of the hallmarks of Ararat's training is that we follow up with corporate leaders and management teams to make sure that the corporate culture we help you create, remains viable and sustainable as your workforce goes through the typical life cycle of attrition of senior employees who retire, to the acquisition of new hires who will become acclimatized to the healthy environment that is key to a company that chooses to thrive, rather than just survive.

What sort of companies achieve the greatest benefits from Ararat's training?

The companies that see a transformed corporate culture and a corresponding sustainable spike in productivity and profitability, are those companies where senior management believe that the health and welfare of their company is dependent upon the corresponding health and welfare of its people. The companies who believe in creating a healthy working environment for their people as the foundation for their success, are the companies that achieve the highest pinnacles of success from Ararat's training.

How does Ararat solve problems with people who don't get along because of different attitudes and generational mindsets?

Ararat helps people resolve what our founder, Dr. Kevin Orieux, defines as intergenerational "Conflicts of Perception" which are always rooted in sociologically conditioned norms, which vary from one generation to another. To get a better grasp of this, we recommend you watch the video series "Millennials vs Boomers" as well as Dr. Orieux's talk on the TED channel.

What is the foundational teaching behind Ararat's team-building training?

This is an in-depth question that requires an in-depth answer. Ararat teaches people how to act, react, and interact with a heart for true synergy. To understand what "synergy" really means, we only need to look at the opposite of synergy, which is "antagonism". The vast majority of workplaces have individuals or pockets of individuals whose behaviour at work wold best be described clinically as antagonistic to the company's health and welfare. Such individuals bring a form of mental, emotional and even spiritual "toxicity" to their group dynamics that cause people to be uncomfortable, apprehensive, defensive and ultimately, apathetic.

This is why CEO's and corporate executives are disheartened when their people don't work together, get along together, and achieve their personal and corporate potential together. When a company lacks synergy, it is susceptible to disengagement in the workforce, which the Gallup Corporation has shown affects (or infects) over 85% of today's workers. Ararat teaches your people how to be empowered by psychology and sociology. Ararat teaches the members of your workforce how to put the need of others before their own, then proves to your people that when they serve other's needs first, then their needs get served simultaneously.

Ararat also helps your people conceptualize the socio-economic truism that if they choose not to put energy, emotion and effort into ensuring the health and welfare of the very corporation that provides their personal security, then the corporation can't ensure the health and welfare of the people. In summary, antagonism hurts everyone and threatens everyone's long-term health and welfare, while synergy assures everyone's long-term health and welfare. After being trained by Ararat, workforces abandon antagonism in favor of synergism.

How much do Ararat's training programs cost?

This is the question that never gets answers on consulting company's websites, but we will try. Consulting and training fees are dependent upon the number of people being trained, the number of days of training desired, how much follow up the company needs, and whether the training is done at our location or at your home turf or a convention destination location.

We realized this is not a very quantitative answer, so for sake of attempting to anticipate what your ROI would be, Ararat has never had a client that didn't receive over 100% of its investment back within the first year of implementing our training, and most of our clients receive a 100% ROI within the first fiscal quarter. For those responsible for budgeting who need an even more specific dollar range, successful companies that are growing and who have a vision to thrive, typically use a benchmark of 2% - 4% of gross revenue for employee development. For those companies who want extensive training for their entire workforce, Ararat services typically fall within 0.5% - 1.5% of one year of a company's annual gross revenue.

For companies who are only looking for a keynote speaker for their annual convention or AGM but are not looking for training, speaking fees begin at $28,000 USD per day plus travel expenses, depending on location and travel time from Vancouver.

How can I get a sample of the type of training that Ararat provides, prior to hiring you?

The videos section of this website gives you a series of training examples, however if you would like to view a longer session of 45-60 minutes, send a request to Ararat via our contact page.

What is the significance behind the name "Ararat"?

Ararat refers to the mountain in Turkey, which the book of Genesis says is the resting place of Noah's Ark. According to the story in Genesis, God becomes disheartened when He sees that His children choose to act selfishly and self-indulgently. Rather than choosing to be productive by working alongside each other, they work against one another. God decides to institute a major form of change management: effectively, He "terminates" all His people and decides to start with a clean slate of those who are in sync with His vision and purpose. Those who landed on Mount Ararat are offered a new beginning with a refreshing spirit of change, to recreate the kind of community and harmony He had always wanted.

Our purpose at Ararat Consulting is to work with CEO's and Senior Management who are similarly "disheartened" and want to create a harmonious corporate culture and environment where "everyone" is working together towards a common vision and purpose, that is in "everyone's" best interest, for "everyone's" long-term health and welfare, without having to "terminate" anyone.