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Dr. Kevin Orieux has conducted extensive sociological and socio-economic research for national healthcare organizations as well as major corporations where the goal was to create new “best practices” models for providing superior customer service. In this TED talk, Dr. Orieux shares his expertise in the realm of diagnosing the social psychology of healthcare, not from the doctor's perception, but from the patient's perception.

In 1995 Dr. Orieux was commissioned to design and supervise the first ever international sociological research project which examined an age-old conflict of perception as to why patients say they "hate their dentist". Based on this original research and subsequent research projects over the last 25 years, Dr.  Orieux developed a very different philosophical approach to what constitutes "care" in healthcare, then extrapolated this approach universally to help businesses create healthy corporate cultures, increase customer loyalty and decrease employee attrition.

As a researcher and author of two books on the social psychology of workplace dynamics, Dr. Orieux has presented corporate workshops and training programs throughout North America, is a keynote speaker and has sat on the Board of Directors for numerous regional, national and international healthcare organizations.