When a corporation's bottom line is suffering, it's almost always because its workforce has become unhealthy in its thinking. If members of the workforce are not focused on a distinct mission statement, an attainable vision, and understand that the purpose of the business is to make a profit to ensure their own individual security, then the employees need to change their thinking and mindset.

Yet all too often companies don't have a mission statement, vision statement or a statement of purpose. Without these foundational building blocks, trying to incorporate "team building" within employee ranks is an exercise in futility and frustration. Quite simply, we can't expect to achieve employee engagement if employees don't understand our corporate philosophy and become engaged with the concept that they each have a role and responsibility in creating a healthy corporate culture.

To reverse employee disengagement and the resultant suffering in a corporation's bottom line, there are three truisms that every executive or manager knows instinctively:

People drive performance.
Performance drives prosperity.
Prosperity ensures everyone security.

But the typical worker is not that enlightened. Which means that everybody in your business must have a comprehensive understanding that their individual welfare is intimately, irrevocably, as well as symbiotically dependent upon the corporation's welfare.

Ararat Consulting helps you develop a meaningful mission statement, define a corporate vision, and then create a model for employee accountability via vision statements that are fair, equitable and most importantly, embraceable.

When a foundation is properly laid with a well-defined mission statement, vision statement and statement of purpose, then Ararat can teach your people how to put the corporation's needs above their own and further, teach them to understand that unless they embrace a mindset that is focused on looking after the corporation, the corporation can't look after them.

Having a healthy corporate bottom line is the responsibility of everybody: Ararat teaches every "body" how to look after the corporate body.