There is an unhealthy mindset which many recent socio-economic studies show is infecting over 70% of people in our workforces to the point that they are "disengaged" from the tasks at hand and the overall welfare of the corporation itself.


A sense of satisfaction with self having no critical evaluation of how the actions of self causes risk for the larger community

This unhealthy mindset threatens the viability of any corporation.

This unhealthy mindset is what Ararat's founder and CEO, Dr. Kevin J.A. Orieux, describes as the Survival Mode in his book "Survive, Thrive or Dive".

Those afflicted with Survival Mode exhibit complacency both within their mindset and work ethic, whereby their highest priority is merely to survive until the end of the day, the end of week, or to the next pay check.

This mindset is focused on the individual; it does not demonstrate consideration for the corporation's customers, co-workers, partners or corporate earnings.

Complacency presents a "me-centered" mentality that is blind to anything that does not provide immediate benefits to the individual. It manifests over time, like a slow-onset poison, a poison which employees inject into their own thinking.

It's a paradoxical mindset.

While the individual doesn't give any consideration into how their thinking or behavior affects anyone other than themselves, what they fail to understand is that it is this very thinking that leads to a company's suffering (or demise) which ultimately kills the individual's own personal job security.

Which is why complacency is so dangerous to the corporation's health and welfare, as well as the health and welfare of each and every individual.

Ararat Consulting's corporate training cures your workforce of this poisonous thinking.