Despondency is, without question, the most difficult and the most challenging form of unhealthy mindset and dysfunctional thinking that managers and corporate executives can be faced with.


A depression of spirits from loss of hope or lack of confidence in one's situation, often caused by lack of control over circumstances

When a corporation's workforce is plagued with despondency within its culture, then any efforts to change that culture will typically be met with a spirit of resignation marked by the belief amongst those in the workforce:

"This will never work. There's nothing I can do".

Typically, when despondency exists within a corporation's workforce, those in executive positions will be the last to know.

The reason for this is because despondency is often accompanied by a lack of confidence in the corporation's leadership (rightly or wrongly) and the expectation that nothing will change because the leadership does not listen to the opinions of the rank & file.

But listening is a two-way street.

Ararat teaches workforces to appreciate that being in a position of management is not a privilege, it's a responsibility; and a large part of that responsibility is running a tight ship so all members of the crew will prosper, not perish.

Ararat's training breaks the chains that imprison employees in a spirit of despondency.

Ararat will teach your people how to embrace change, not resist it.

How to become enthusiastic, not apathetic.

And how to become engaged, not despondent.

If any part of your workforce suffers from complacency, apathy or despondency then Ararat has the "cure" you're looking for. We call it the 3 P's to Success. This training will transform your people, which will optimize their performance, allowing your corporation to achieve sustainable prosperity.